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Workout Day Series - Tri's, Bi's and Back!

So here is the latest instalment in my Workout Day series. Click on my pic above to watch the video! :)

My plan here is to create a group of videos to show you what I do on a particular training day session, to offer some inspiration and guidance on your workouts.

DISCLAIMER** - I am NOT a fitness professional. I am an enthusiast who loves to workout, weightlift, and lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am interested in sculpting my physique, hence the focus on weight training.

I post the videos, pics and blog here to share with you what I am doing, and so you can observe my progress along with me, and hopefully become inspired to embark on your own fitness journey.

If you do decide to perform any of these exercises, or eat the things I eat, or choose to follow anything that I may say, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK! :)

Most of what I do is pretty straightforward and with a focus on natural and healthy living, but remember everyone is different. So if you see me eating an omelette and you say "hey that looks tasty" and you make an omelette and you eat it and you are allergic to eggs - DON'T BLAME ME! lol I didn't tell you to eat it I am just showing you ME eating it.

Or if you see me lifting a certain weight and doing a certain exercise and you do it and you then throw your back out or injure yourself - remember you are doing this at your own risk - so know your own body, know your limitations, remember everyone starts at the beginning and that may mean a one lb dumbbell or maybe no weights at all at first - and that is TOTALLY FINE. You should have seen me when I started weight training 6 years ago - I couldn't do any sit ups without being in sheer agony for the next week or so. Coughing and sneezing were my worst enemies! lol

But I stuck with it and I got over that beginning stage and my body got used to it, and now it's fine and I love it.

So, enjoy the videos and blog posts, and best of luck with your own fitness goals! :)

See you in the next post!


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