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Welcome to my Workout Series!

Hi everyone! This is the latest video in my Workout series.

As you all may (or may not) know, I absolutely LOVE my time spent at the gym.

I believe that exercise is the best way to distress and live a happy, balanced life.

It doesn't matter what "level" you are at - you can be a pro bodybuilder, total beginner, or just work out as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle - as long as you do it, it's better than doing NOTHING.

Believe me, sometimes it is MEGA HARD to motivate myself to go to the gym - especially on rainy, cold, dark & depressing winter days (as there are many of those here in the UK and I HATE the winter! lol). But I always manage to give myself a big kick up the wazoo and get my butt over there, and I always feel 100% better for it.

Now obviously there are times when perhaps you really cannot go - due to illness, or life event - that's fine, it happens, we're all human and don't beat yourself up for that.

But don't let a little sniffle or the weather become an excuse to not go. That's BS and you know it - no sympathy here for you if that's what you do.

If you find yourself lacking the motivation, just think of all the people out there who have REAL reasons that could potentially stop them from training - those that are seriously handicapped, have kids and a family to look after, or perhaps live in parts of the world that have horrendous weather most of the time - and yet they manage to incorporate training into their lives and reap the benefits.

So next time you feel lazy, unmotivated, depressed, bored, miserable, etc etc - remember the above, or watch my videos! I may not be an expert but I love doing this and I hope I can motivate some of you to get up off your asses and GO TO THE GYM! lol

Much love and see you next time,


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