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Sunday update!

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday.

I decided I would make today's post a general catch up one to let you know what have been the latest goings-on in my world :), since my last post was well over a month ago!

I've made some amendments / additions to my site:

I've added my voiceover reel to my site :) It's something I keep meaning to do, but after my most recent voiceover job (narrating a Cuba documentary for the BBC set to air early 2018), when I was asked if I had a business card or a website, I was unprepared (!!) - so I got my butt in gear and now my reel is up and I've ordered some new business cards! lol

my business card

I am currently re-vamping my Music page, so it is temporarily offline until I finish redesigning it to what I believe is a much better format than what it previously was. Plus there will be many more of my songs for you to preview and purchase - and I thank you all again for your wonderful support of my original musical creations! :) And again I'll give you a shout once it's back up and running.

I am also simultaneously working on another blog post about my visiting neighbourhood kitty friend who has been coming to our house for the last 2 years since we have been living here:

I won't elaborate too much here but it's a bittersweet story - although you'll see it all works out for the best :) so check back for her blog post coming up next!

And finally.... last but not least, I was very recently contacted by a very nice lady from - Jericka Lambourne - who said she had read through my site and noticed I was passionate about feline care (don't know what gave her that idea! lol :), so she thought she would share with me the educational guide to cat food she and her team put together, which is super well reaseached and in my opinion absolutely brilliant!

Jericka and her team examined over 1,700 formulas of cat food, interviewed 97 veterinary professionals, and read dozens of studies to find formulas with safe and nutritious ingredients. Please check out her guide here:

Well, that's all for this post. Hope you enjoyed it, and see you in the next one!


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