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Spring is finally here! 🌷🌺🌸

Wow, it's been a loooooong winter. Too long. But here we are, it's Spring once again.

Spring has come early this year, it's only Feb and the trees are already blossoming...

So I decided to go for a walk today, as it's not too cold out and it's not raining.

I am currently recovering from a VERY bad flu virus (no, not Corona TYVM lol) which knocked me for six as they say here in the UK. My defences have been very low this year, as I have been thru hell and back emotionally and mentally since last May to be exact. So thank goodness I am a very healthy person overall or it probably could have been a lot worse.

So yes, I am feeling a lot better now (apart from the cough which is always the last to go) but having said that, there are still lots of emotional rollercoastery feelings and issues that are coming up, which hit me hard sometimes, and I find myself really having to pull myself together and give myself a stern talking to and snap me out of descending into a mental rabbit hole.

It's really hard for me to open up and talk about the event that happened last May, I've written enough songs about it lately so if you listen closely it probably won't be that hard to figure out lol. But, nevertheless, I have had a very hard time talking to anyone about my situatioan openly, and I guess what I am saying here is that if any of you are going thru some really hardcore, deep, dark problem or issue, you must find a way to let it out, let off some steam by talking to someone (if you can) or writing about it as I have done. Still, finding someone to talk to is invaluable, the interaction with another human being that you feel you can open up to is invaluable, because take it from me - holding things inside is NOT HEALTHY, and sooner or later you will burst at the seams (like what is happening to me right now) and for me it manifested thru this horrendous period of being unwell with the flu, but it could be a lot worse, and that is what we are all aiming to avoid at all costs.

OK, so I didn't write this blog post to be depressing, I just wanted to show you all that there is ALWAYS light at the end of every long, dark tunnel - and in this case this was symbolised for me today on this walk that I took in the park, and seeing the lovely blossoms finally blooming, and the days getting lighter and longer and (hopefully soon!) WARMER :). Have a look:

Ha! Bonus pic at the end 😊

Ok then, I guess we'll speak again soon. And I'll just say that even the worst, hardest, longest-lasting negative and horrible times, eventually come to an end, and better times take its place. So here's to better times.... 👏🙌💖🌹👍

See you next time!

Elaine xx

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