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New and exciting news!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Elaine Roig Vocalizr website profile

Hi everyone! Just wanted to bring you up to speed with the latest goings on in my musical life... :)

As you can see from the pic above, I have recently become a member of a fantastic online music platform called Vocalizr which I came across by pure chance (very lucky for me!) while conducting an internet search. This site connects vocalists and producers together, and as described by them in their own words:

" is a two way talent discovery marketplace (between Vocalists and Producers) which includes an online collaborative workspace. It is designed to streamline the process of connecting Vocalists and Producers, while also providing a safe and secure online collaborative space to complete projects with artists from around the world."

So I made a connection with a fantastic producer from the UK - Frankie Chapman - and in a matter of just a couple of weeks we have completed our first song collaboration, an electro pop track titled "Shout to the Crowd".

I am overjoyed with the fantastic result, and to say that Frankie is an amazing producer is a total understatement! His productions have a very modern sound and his style is very unique - and to top it all off he is super professional and a really nice person :)

Check out the song by clicking the link above, or visit my Soundcloud page and listen there.

Ok then! Thanks for listening and reading this blog entry, I'm always very appreciative of your support and hopefully I will have lots more great news for you going forward :)

Thanks again and until next time...


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