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Working hard from home today!

So here I am, as stated above, working on the latest updates to my website and most importantly my new musical project - so stay tuned!

I admit I have been a bit AWOL recently but there's been lots going on with me, not just musically but life-wise. As they say - when it rains it pours - and boy has that proverbial monsoon been kicking my ass lately! But hey, sometimes things just happen all at once it seems, and these are the times when we've gotta stick to our guns and just press on - because at the end of every dark tunnel there is ALWAYS a light, and sometimes it can be very easy to forget that when things seem particularly rough. So I've pulled up my bootstraps and here I go again out into the bright blue yonder! lol

I'm actually also home today because Nosita has been a little bit under the weather - she recently caught a bit of a kitty cold - so after a couple of routine vet visits we decided we should get a blood scan done for her just to make doubly sure all is well with the Princess.

I am missing her so much though! But lucky for me her buddy Silky has come over to keep me company:

Look at that guy - not a care in the world! lol

So at 4:45 pm (in roughly an hours time) I'm going to pick her up. I've been told she's chilling like a villain and being the boss at the vets so that's always a good sign lol

Well, I guess I'll get back to work now.

As always, thanks for stopping by and catch you on the next one!


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