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How we met our girl!

So this is the story of how we met the beautiful little light of our hearts, Nosita!

In June of 2015, my partner and I were staying at the lovely Alva Donna hotel in Antalya, Turkey.

One morning after breakfast, we decided to take the elevator to the 1st floor where our room was located.  We had never taken the elevator because it always looked dark as if it was out of order, and it was always easier (and faster) to take the stairs.  But this day, we thought otherwise, so when we pressed the call button and the doors opened, we saw this little thing lying on the floor, with all 4 legs sticking straight up.  "Is that a cat?" I said, and my partner said "yes!", and he scooped her up in his arms.  Luckily she was breathing, but her breath and her little heart was beating very fast - who knows how long she must have been trapped in there with no food or water - and you can only imagine how hot it was in that elevator; it was 10:00 am and already the temp was past 80 degrees F outside.

We brought her back up to our room, we fed her, gave her water, and we kept her with us for 2 days while we nursed her back to health - we even made a deal with the cleaning lady so she would only come to clean the room at a certain time, so no one would find out we had a cat in our room!

But after those couple of days we both knew we couldn't just keep her in the room indefinitely, so we decided that night we would set her free. 

So, with heavy hearts (but believing we were doing the right thing), on the third night we let her go.  As we did that, we looked at each other, and half serious half joking we said "if she comes back to us, we're adopting her!".  I had her in my arms, and I set her down on the grass just outside the building where our room was.

She looked around, ran to the left, then ran back to us, then ran over to the right where the swimming pool area was, and she disappeared.

We went out for the night and came back at aoround 2:30 am.  After we had a snack at the 24 hour restaurant, we decided to have another look around to see if she had come back or was around anywhere.  We walked around the pool, the grassy area, a bit further out calling out for her, but no sign of her.  So, we made our way back up to our room.

As we were walking up the stairs, suddenly we heard this persistent little "meow meow meow!" coming from up ahead - she had been waiting for us outside our room all night!

I'm pretty sure you all can guess what happened next.  The next day we contacted a local vet, told them our situation, and they gave us all the information we needed to start the process to bring our beautiful girl back home with us to the UK!

So after 3 long months of our baby girl away from us in quarantine, below is the vid of us picking her up to come back home!

And the rest, is beautiful history.

© 2019 Elaine Roig  - all rights reserved

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