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About Elaine

Born to Cuban parents in New Jersey, Elaine spent most of her childhood days dreaming of being a singer. She started singing with her dad at the tender age of 2, ballet dancing at age 4, then playing piano at age 7.


Her father Joaquin was an avid collector of Broadway musical LPs and a lover of all styles of music in general, so no doubt that this early exposure to such a wide variety of music definitely influenced Elaine's singing and songwriting style.

The talent expressed by Elaine from such a young age came as no surprise to anyone, since she comes from a family of artists and musicians.  Both her aunt and uncle on her father's side are singers and musicians, and her grandfather's first cousin was the renowned Cuban musician and composer Gonzalo Roig, who founded the Havana Symphonic Orchestra in 1922 and penned one of the most internationally known Latino ballads of the last century, "Quiereme Mucho". 
As a child Elaine spent a lot of time singing at home and at family parties, but was always a bit shy about singing in public.  In spite of this, she began writing poetry and songs at the age of 16, composing music on a little Casio keyboard she bought for herself in High School, and she j
oined a friend's alternative rock band, Obreon Daemon, as one of their backing singers.


However, her talent was soon recognized by her fellow band members and she was given her first solo song, which led to song projects and collaborations during the following years with various producers - one of them the late internationally known DJ Erick Morillo - and on several other dance singles.


Elaine is currently based in the UK where she is a singer-songwriter, and records and produces her own material


In addition to the above Elaine works as a professional voiceover artist  narrating documentaries, doing voices for video games and major motion pictures, and singing commercial jingles, (she was the 'voice' of one of the UK's major household brands "Mr Sheen", similar to USA's "Mr Clean").

Elaine's powerful and melodious voice, coupled with her penchant for writing catchy, unique songs - you can be sure that her fresh and modern pop style will capture your soul and leave you always hungry for more.

Watch this space!

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